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Time to Relax

The brief: Create more storage for clothes, a study area and make the house look nice.
This was a renovation project with existing newly bought furnitures in dark wood. To create more storage without compromising on sense of space I had to carefully design the additional storage based on function and then work on the look. Light colour wood that complemented the existing furniture was used. I wanted to bring in nature within and around the indoor space along with Himachali traditional design patterns thrown in on furniture pieces and soft furnishings to add the nostalgia quotient. Few existing furniture was tweaked to fit in with the new look. Cushioned seat with bright patters were also added to solid wood dining seats to soften the dark wood look. A wall was taken down to open up the living area. A new home office was created that gave privacy when one had to work from home. We used clever use of mirror and bright cool colours to brighten up the dark entrance to the flat. All in all we had to pay a lot of attention to details as we had to pack in a lot within a small space with a budget.
If you have a small home but big ambition, we would like to take a shot at the challenge.

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