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Chic & Vibrant

This is my Home. Three years back we decided to move from a lavish 3000 sft plus terrace rented accommodation to our 1700 sft own flat with a terrace. This was challenging as I had to squeeze our 5 member family with multiple hobbies and interests into this small space. But exciting at the same time as I finally got to design a space as per my need and taste. 

The flat had very little wardrobe space for our clothes, no extra room for our various activities and hobbies and not enough room for my long list of kitchen appliances and gadgets. But it had amazing natural light and a terrace. 

The brief to myself: create room for everyone and everything but at the same time make the flat look airy and spacious and fun.

Execution: I started off by assigning function to each room and listed out things that I needed to fit in. I had to be very creative and custom make all furniture with built-in storage. This helped me to have room for my sleepover guests retaining the spaciousness on a day to basis for my two growing boys. They got their own room and enough space to grow and enjoy their hobbies - one being an artist and the other a drummer. I used light colours for the wall and furniture to create sense of space and allow the natural light to bounce off it. I like a little bit of fun and vibrancy, therefore, added bright colourful prints on the soft furnishings. Thus creating a space that’s lively. I also used a lot of indoor plants to bring in nature for its innumerable benefits both aesthetically and function wise.

The kitchen - the most important and busy place of the house had to be tweaked to suit my height. Extra storage was added vertically and tweaked again to fit in the gadgets. Finally everything was stored based on efficient workflow. 

I love my space because I don’t have to put in too much extra effort to clean or organise. It helps all of us go about our own work but at the same time keep the house look tidy with very little effort.

If you like this look, you are most welcome to come and have a visit.

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