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Fun and Functional

The brief: Convert a balcony into a home office and to make the guest bedroom nice and usable by our 6 year old.

The Execution: Upon detail discussion of lifestyle, family members, living habits and also visit to client's home I realised that they did not have a room for their six year old young man. Therefore, my suggestion was to convert the guest bedroom into a young man's private den that could double up as a guest room as well. Also give the room the light and a better view. This would mean a slightly higher budget but to my delight Nidhi and Arindham recognised the benefits and agreed. I worked out a 3D view of the two main rooms and they loved it. I also worked out the timeline and budget.

But luckily it finished just before the lockdown and this wonderful family had their home office, and my little client had a room. I am happy to announce that he is very much sleeping in and spending most of his time in his new room.

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