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Elegant & Traditional

The Brief: Give me ideas.
Execution: This is my favourite Home interior project as it is my first for a client who is also one of my favourite person. The couple is the epitome of style and elegance. She has a perfect balance of modern and tradition in her lifestyle and outlook. Therefore, when I was asked to take on her home renovation project, I was delighted. We did as much we could with the budget and was very happy to be able to stretch the budget with creativity, re-use, refurbishment of existing furniture. The place had undergone many renovations over time and it showed. There were too many lines visually. It being a ground floor with greenery around could do with a bit of simplification to brighten up the place and bring it up to date. We reused the wardrobe shutters to create more storage vertically, thus saving on wastage and fund. Replaced the shutters with plane single piece lightwood laminate finish. thus hiding the multiple lines of drawers. Used classy and elegant handles to give an expensive touch. Used wall colours the exude elegance. Created space for modern technology thus all the wires could be tucked away. We also realigned the inside of wardrobes as per their current usage and need thus saving the tables and other surfaces from getting cluttered.
Above all the client went out of town and trusted me with the final look of the project. It was a big relief to see the happy look on their face at the big reveal.
If this is your style let us know how we can help you get the look.

Rejuvination: Project
Rejuvination: Gallery
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