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Why Farial's Green Studio?

I have to shamelessly admit that I am not at all good with coming up with names. I can approve or disapprove but have no original ideas when it comes to names. I think the only name that I ever came up with was my first pet’s name - Casper. Well nothing original about it. Agreed. I loved the character Casper and felt a similarity with the pup and thus the name. But then time came to naming our second dog, hmmm… settled with Casper again. I was secretly happy that both side of my parents were eager to name our sons. I just had to do what I do best - “choose”.

My parents came up with my name and I quite like it. And figured, might as well make it worth their while by extending the usage of their effort. I do appreciate people who can come up with great names or any name for that matter. So that’s the story of part of the name.

“Green” means multiple things. And all of it is apt for my work. Over the years I have grown to be more appreciative about the world that we live in. I have wonderful childhood memories of growing up in a farm in a village albeit a short period of time. It has left a very strong impression on me to be close to nature. Unfortunately I have spent all my life in metro cities. And that too moved about, from house to house and city to city. Every time having to re-build our lives. But I always had a little bit of green everywhere. Rebuilding also taught me to be creative about fitting things in, re-using, recycling, stretching the budget, and not carrying unnecessary belongings. I love good things and learned to create when I couldn’t afford. I spent on books on how to make stuff rather than the stuff itself. That’s how my passion for DIY came about.

So “Green” means nature, it means surrounding oneself with plants, it means growing your own food, it means recycling, it means using organics, it means being thrifty about using natural resources, it means refurbishing, it means re-purposing, it means using solar etc. But I am pragmatic about it. I do as much I can. All these do define my approach to life and my design.

So, I am repurposing my parent's given name for me.

Welcome to my Green Studio! If you have any ideas to share or have any questions, do write in. I would love to hear from you.

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